et cetera (adv/&n(also etcetera)adv.
1)a and the rest;and similar things or people.
b or similar things or people.
2 and so on.n.(in pl.)the usual sundries or extras[Middle English from Latin

The above name is what the book,The Canadian Oxford Dictionary gives for the word "et cetera, and if you know the sense of sundries then you would know the sense of et cetera. But when I see what the book gives for sundries, then I see the word oddments . And if I do not know the sense of oddments then then I would need to see what the book gives for oddments and et cetera. The Basic Dictionary gives all additional upper level words in relation to the Basic 850. Here is a summary of the complete system:

"Summary" is not a  a Basic English word. Basic for "summary" is "short account". Do you see how this will work?